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Questions to Ask At Your Physical

Avoiding getting an annual physical exam puts you at risk for developing a variety of health risks. Waiting until there is a problem could mean it’s too late to receive specific treatments. At your next physical, ask your physician questions that help you better understand your health.


Do I Still Need All My Medication?

Taking medication unnecessarily puts you in danger of experiencing different health problems. Opiates can lead to tolerance, making it harder to get adequate pain relief should you need it. Other medications, from mood stabilizers to blood pressure medications, may have more suitable alternatives, especially if you’re taking a range of medications. Ask your physician to check your list of prescribed medications to determine if you should continue to take them.


Am I Getting Enough Sleep?

Sometimes it seems there is not enough time in one day to get everything done. Ask your doctor if you are getting enough sleep. You may often feel drowsy, and lethargic or experience fatigue. If you know you do not sleep as much as you should, ask your doctor to help you understand how it’s affecting your health and give you advice on how to rest more.


How’s My Blood Pressure?

Ask your doctor how close or how far your blood pressure is from being in a good number range. Always ask for the exact number for your blood pressure. Being under a lot of stress makes your blood pressure skyrocket. Knowing your exact blood pressure number gives you an idea of the amount of stress you’re taking on.


Is This Normal?

If you discover lumps, bumps, bruises, rashes, or anything similar, regardless of how big or small, ask your doctor if what you are experiencing is normal. Discovering abnormalities may mean nothing at all, but it could also mean something is worth looking examining. The earlier you discover an issue, the more treatment options are available.


How’s My Weight?

When you’re asking about your weight, ask your doctor what a healthy weight is for your gender, age, and height. Maintaining a healthy weight decreases your risk of developing anemia or diabetes. Encourage your doctor to be open and honest about your weight and the things you can do to improve if needed.

Many people don’t worry about going to the doctor because they feel fine and are not experiencing any serious issues or complications. Not getting a physical exam at least once every year puts you at risk for developing a variety of other health conditions and illnesses.

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