Healthcare Consult Whenever You Need It

No appointment or waiting on the phone. Secure access to your doctor today!

“I had an infected hangnail the day before I left on a trip to Europe. I was able to text a picture of the hangnail to Dr. Lyssy, and he called in a prescription for me. It was not necessary for me to go to the office. The prescription worked, and I had a wonderful time in Europe.”

Janie Lilley

Direct Access To Your Doctor

Diamond Virtual Care works like an office visit from the comfort of your home or workplace. Each member is assigned to one provider that delivers comprehensive medical care 24 hours a day via phone, email, text or video conference.

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited Virtual Consultations: We are there when you need us!
  • Annual Health Status Evaluation: Via technology
  • We never charge a co-pay
  • Access to Lab and Imaging Discounts
  • Guaranteed Generic Prescription Drug Discounts
  • Continuity of Care: This is not just an 800 number, it is a direct link to your physician
  • We are your healthcare advocate and strive to recommend the most cost effective treatment strategies
  • We are your point of contact before going to the emergency room or urgent care so you can make sure the trip is worth it.

70% of Americans
Don’t Have a PCP

Seize Control of Your Health Today with Diamond Virtual Care.

Go Virtual

Can’t Come In? No Problem.

Our mobile app is the easiest and most affordable way to reach your PCP. Schedule a virtual visit with your medical provider, snap a picture of an acute issue, store your medical records, communicate in real time with your doc – all at the tip of your finger.

  • Secure Call From Within App
  • Secure Text Message Alerts
  • Automatic Follow-Up Actions
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