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How Membership Medicine Works

Diamond Membership
Plans & Benefits

  Direct Elite
Unlimited Visits with Zero Copay
Virtually Zero Wait
Same Day Availability
24 hr. Access to Physician via Call/Text/Email
Discounted Lab Tests & Imaging
Annual Preventative Exam includes EKG and Basic Labs
Urgent Care & In-Office Procedures Included
Acute Medications in Office Included
Annual Advanced Wellness & Metabolic Testing
Annual Body Composition Evaluation
10% Discount Diamond 360 Packages
One Physician House Call Annually
Home or Office Mobile Blood Draw
Three Infrared Therapy Sessions
Per Member Per Month $150 - $425 Call for pricing

The Future of Healthcare

No Insurance. No Bureaucracy. No Barriers.

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Traditional Care

Doctor You Membership$0 copays UnlimitedPrimary Care

Diamond Care

Preventive Not Reactive Healthcare

Diamond Direct Care is our most cost effective offering and available at our flagship location in Dallas.

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Diamond Elite Care is a premier concierge medicine service tailored for busy professionals who want to prioritize their health and value their time.

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Additional Services

Some of these services are included in our Direct and Elite memberships.