Executive Physicals

Over the past decade, the Diamond 360 advanced diagnostic exams have evolved into an industry-leading executive health exam proven to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

Invest In Your Health

Our unique program is no longer just for executives but caters to professional athletes as well as individuals who want to achieve optimal performance and health.

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How It Works

Our comprehensive executive health exams discover and eliminate inflammation in all body systems, ultimately allowing our clients to become the best versions of themselves.

Online Assessment

Choose the 360 packages best suited to optimize your health by taking our free online assessment now. The Diamond 360 executive health exams can be performed virtually (we send a team to draw labs at your home or office) or in person at our Center of Excellence in Dallas, TX.

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We have assimilated the most comprehensive imaging and laboratory testing from around the globe and look forward to taking a deep dive into your health together. We take a functional and integrative medicine approach to our analysis and have separated testing modalities by body system. Some clients choose to perform several packages at once. Others choose to focus on one body system each year until their health goals are reached.

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Treatment Plan

Our highly skilled physicians review all your results and customize a treatment plan based on your medical history, genetics, and goals. You receive a results presentation that not only explains your test results but also formulates a plan of action. What good are test results if you don’t know what to do next? Your personalized treatment plan includes nutrition advice, lifestyle, and supplementation recommendations that will take your health and performance to the next level.

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Technology. Data Points. Integrative Medicine.

We discover and eliminate inflammation in all body systems, ultimately allowing our clients to become the best versions of themselves.

Explore Our Packages
  • Cardio 360

    The Cardio 360 takes a deep dive into your vascular system identifying underlying risk factors that could lead to a catastrophic heart attack or stroke.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Balance 360

    The Balance 360 looks at how functional nutrition and micronutrient balance affects mood, energy, and focus through advanced hormone interaction.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Digest 360

    The Digest 360 examines your Microbiome and the delicate balance between good and bad bacteria that live in the digestive tract and on your skin.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Regen 360

    The Regen 360 focuses on our body’s ability to properly recover and regenerate after the grind of daily life. We start with a telomere length assessment that identifies how fast your cells are aging then add a sleep and adrenal fatigue assessment.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Transform 360

    The Transform 360 allows you to reach your maximum physical potential. Many people struggle with weight loss and need a jumpstart that is safe and effective.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Endurance 360

    Endurance 360 focuses on optimizing male sexual health. Testosterone and lean muscle mass naturally decay after 18 years of age. Rebuild and revitalize with the Endurance 360.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Breathe 360

    Breathe 360 focuses on optimizing lung function. Whether you’ve been struck with COVID, COPD, or an autoimmune disease, the goal is to breathe efficiently without any discomfort.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Neuro 360

    Neuro 360 is formulated to identify a wide variety of cognitive disorders as well as illustrate areas of the brain where we can improve function.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Immune 360

    The Immune 360 injects hope into individuals searching for a medical diagnosis. If you are tired of not feeling well, a deep dive into your immune system could reveal an underlying condition.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Cancer 360

    F Cancer 360 embodies our philosophy that prevention is key. The best way to defend against cancer is to find it before it spreads throughout the body.

  • Diamond 360 program

    Genome 360

    We analyze your unique genetic code to give you a personalized, scientific action plan to optimize your health.