Who We Are

The Future of Healthcare

No Insurance. No Bureaucracy. No Barriers.

Preventive Not Reactive Healthcare

Diamond Health, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based medical corporation dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery in America. Diamond focuses on delivering better care at a better price to thousands of individuals across the country.

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Our Vision is Bright

  • Maintain and expand our primary objective to deliver exemplary healthcare services to each and every Diamond member

  • Lead the Direct Primary Care/Concierge Medicine Movement by scaling the Diamond Direct Care platform to serve one million lives in the next 3 years

  • Healthcare market leader in the capitated membership medicine employer segment over the next 3 years

The Diamond Team

  • Dr. James Pinckney II Founder & CEO

  • James S. Pinckney

    James S. Pinckney Chief Operating Officer

  • Dr. Omar Durani Medical Director

  • Dr. Leann Silhan Internal Medicine, Functional and Integrative Medicine

  • Dr. Stefanie Spaeth Pediatrician

  • Dr. Thanh Tran Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Gavin Wolff Chiropractor

  • Vonetta Saunders

    Vonetta Saunders Clinical Operations Director

  • Ann Powers

    Ann Powers Medical Assistant

  • Alicia Arredondo

    Alicia Arredondo Medical Assistant

  • Rhonda Nisbet

    Rhonda Nisbet Medical Receptionist

  • Jamie Evans

    Jamie Evans Medical Receptionist

  • Jeffrey Toal

    Jeffrey Toal Practice Administrator

  • Monica Eby

    Monica Eby Client Liaison

  • Donna Webber Wilkinson Of Counsel