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People are saying…

“Dr. Silhan, has been my doctor for about a year and a half and honestly she has been amazing. I took the time to write this because I have had a few doctors in my life, but she has been exceptional…”

-Richard Nicolas.

“Dr. Durani treats patients as if they are family, and is proactive with your health versus reactive.”

– Tori Scott

This is an awesome and well run practice in every way. I have always been completely satisfied with the service, evaluation and treatment. From the front desk staff, to nursing staff, to medical assistants, to Dr. Durani -I extend a big and heartfelt thank you for taking excellent care of my family and I.

– Michael Balkin

What a fantastic group of doctors who give you 24 hour access to their expertise. You can go to the office or they can come to you.

– Baby Monster

If you are looking for changes in the way healthcare is delivered, here is your solution. Diamond Physicians delivers on all levels.

– Greg King

Dr. Gavin Wolff

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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is part of Diamond Health’s concierge medicine approach that focuses on addressing the root causes of diseases rather than just treating symptoms. This holistic and patient-centered approach offers numerous benefits that set it apart from conventional medicine.

Dr. James explains Pfizer’s full FDA approval with journalist Brett