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The Difference in Concierge Medicine and Insurance Based Healthcare

Concierge medicine is one of the best alternatives to health insurance. With concierge medicine, patients pay an annual fee to a physician and their office in exchange for 24/7 access to the medical services provided by the doctor. Compared to traditional medical services, concierge medicine offers important benefits that patients would otherwise not have access to.

Personalized medical services

With traditional insurance-based medicine, you have to set up an appointment well in advance to see a doctor. In contrast, you can pop into your concierge doctor’s office anytime because they have far fewer patients.
With concierge doctors, there are enhanced doctor-patient interactions because you can see your doctor more often and spend more time with them addressing your health issues. Increased time with your doctor allows you to develop a strong relationship with them.
Concierge doctors provide care to no more than a few hundred patients at a time which enables them to offer accessible, personalized, and reliable medical services.

Emphasis on preventative care

Because you and your concierge have more time together than you would with a traditional doctor, your concierge doctor has more room to focus on their recommendations. Traditional doctors have little time with you so they’re forced to prioritize your current health issues and focus on resolving them as soon as possible.
Furthermore, with general care, if you have a medical issue such as an infection that needs immediate attention, you have no choice but to accept treatment from an urgent care facility that only has time to handle medical emergencies and little else. Its aim is to stabilize you and move on to the next emergency. Emergency doctor’s recommendations might not be in line with your overall plan of care because they don’t have access to your entire personal and medical history like your primary provider.
On the other hand, concierge doctors are likely to accurately diagnose your health issues because they are familiar with your whole health history. With them, you receive better preventative care, which improves your overall health and reduces your overall healthcare costs.

Same day or next day appointments

With concierge medicine, you receive timely treatment. You need not worry about a doctor being too busy to see you or dropping your appointment. If you have any questions, you can reach them by calling or messaging them. And if you need to set up an appointment, most can see you the same or the next day. You never feel rushed.

Enhanced treatment outcomes

The most reliable way of determining the effectiveness of a healthcare system is the outcomes of its health services. The primary objective of healthcare is for you to live longer, healthier, and happier.
Concierge medical service produces better outcomes than traditional medical services by:

  • Improving patients’ overall health
  • Reducing the number of visits to the ER or urgent care clinic
  • Positively impacting medical care expenditure
  • Significantly reducing incidents of inpatient admission

Is concierge medicine right for you?

Concierge medicine has many benefits, including personalized medical services, focus on preventative care, convenience, and better overall treatment outcome. If you value spending more time your doctor and partnering with them to achieve your health goals, concierge medicine is definitely worth your while.

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