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Diamond Physicians Partners With PGA Tour Player Tyrone Van Aswegen

Tyrone Van Aswegen at Diamond Physicians

Diamond Physicians has signed a one-year sponsorship agreement with PGA tour player, Tyrone Van Aswegen. The sponsorship’s goal is to raise awareness about affordable healthcare options and to raise support for Van Aswegen’s career. The agreement will include local community health events, social media sessions, community engagements, as well as high school and college activities.

Diamond Physicians is a concierge medicine practice that offers luxury healthcare services. Patients enjoy unlimited visits, no copay, and no waiting times. Patients also have direct 24/7 access to their Diamond physician. A Diamond Physician’s office is slated to open in Frisco in April 2015.

“I appreciate patient interaction and am thankful to have as much time as needed to address my clients’ concerns and provide preventative, long-term wellness plans,” said Pinckney in the press release. “Our model is an absolute necessity for clients like Tyrone, who require adept physical wellness to compete successfully and who also travel extensively.”

On his second tour with the PGA, Van Aswegen first entered the PGA tour after finishing among the Top 25 ranking in the 2013 Tour. Originally from South Africa, Van Aswegen now lives in Texas with his family where they all enjoy the concierge medicine benefits from Diamond Physicians.