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Why Concierge Beats Insurance

There’s no doubt that health insurance can be confusing. Between trying to decide which insurance company to choose, which plan to pick, how your benefits work in regards to in and out of network primary care doctors, copays, deductibles, and much other insurance terminologies, it’s not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed. With no idea which to choose, it’s easy to take a leap of faith and select a plan that seems great, only to still be puzzled on how exactly your insurance works and what it will cost if you ever need to see a doctor.


The Future of Healthcare is Concierge Medicine

That’s where Diamond Physicians comes in. In 2013, we said “enough” with the confusing health insurance jargon and developed a completely different approach to the way we utilize health insurance in America. We’ve removed Primary Care from the insurance equation and are able to offer exponentially better medical care while lowering our patients’ costs, aligning incentives, and improving access to quality healthcare.

Traditional primary care physicians attempt to see as many patients as possible in order to maximize profits, which makes patients just another number to them. You’ll find that you’re rushed in and out of the office, and the time you are given to actually speak with your doctor is extremely limited. But, in our membership-based concierge model, our doctors don’t make any money by billing insurance companies like traditional insurance doctors do, so we are able to provide you with the healthcare and uninterrupted attention you deserve. When you visit your Diamond Physicians healthcare provider, you’ll receive a quality of care that you’ve never experienced before.


How Does Concierge Healthcare Work?

Our concierge doctors in Dallas offer direct primary care to our patients. This allows insurance to only be utilized for catastrophic events such as surgery or cancer treatment that would typically cost thousands of dollars.

The way our concierge healthcare system works is quite simple. You can become a member for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. Once a member of Diamond Physicians, you’ll have access to your primary care physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year.


Benefits of Being a Diamond Member:

    • Direct Access: You can speak with your doctor via email and text whenever you need. No more speaking with receptionists and other healthcare providers looking for answers. With Diamond Physicians you get to talk to your doctor, every time. Plus, our HIPAA secure platform allows you to access your health information right from your phone.
    • Unlimited Visits / Unlimited Urgent Care: Your health is the most important thing. You shouldn’t be limited to how often you’re able to care for yourself.  
    • No Wait time: Remember the days of sitting in waiting rooms for long periods of time? We do. Which is why with Diamond Physicians there is virtually zero wait time.
  • Zero Copay: Yes, you read that right. With our concierge medicine model, you can visit your doctor with no copay expense. This allows us to provide our members with healthcare, not sick care. Those with traditional health insurance may limit their number of doctor visits to cut their expenses, which means they typically do not see a doctor until they are already sick. Without having to worry about a copay, our program is able to offer a proactive approach, rather than a reactive take on medicine.
  • Issues Addressed: Gone are the days where you have to endure unnecessary medical tests and examinations so that your doctor can bill your insurance for it. As a member of Diamond Physicians, your issues are addressed immediately without the runaround.
  • Deeply Discounted Labs: We’ve made it easier to afford local labs, medical imaging, and pharmacies.


Ready to Ditch the Insurance Company for Primary Care?

It’s time to stop being a pawn in the insurance game. Join us today and experience what quality healthcare feels like with Diamond Physicians in Dallas.
Still not convinced? Click here to learn more about how Diamond Physicians is revolutionizing the face of healthcare as we know it.