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Take These Supplements Every Day For Better Health


What are the best supplements for improving your health? If you’re like most people, you likely aren’t going to do a ton of research on your own into supplement choices. Instead, look for some recommendations from a friend or buy something from the store shelves. But which one is best?

To help you out, consider this new list from our experts.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a bit different compared to other supplements. Put simply, vitamin D is a hormone produced for cholesterol when you sit under the sun for around 15 minutes. In the perfect world, everyone would get their vitamin D from the sun. However, exposure to sunlight rarely produces enough. This is why we need supplements.
Vitamin D:

  • Helps our bodies to absorb calcium
  • Reduces chances of back and bone pain
  • Prevents bone and hair loss

But here’s the good news. Vitamin D supplements are more than enough to sustain your daily need.


Fish Oil

Taking fish oil each day is one of the best ways of maintaining a healthy heart. Studies show that fish oil supplements help to lower blood pressure, reduce blood clots, and reduce your chances of experiencing a heart attack.
The Omega 3 fatty acids present in most fish oil supplements have anti-inflammatory properties but can also boost our immune system.


Magnesium Oil

Magnesium is like nature’s chill pill. It’s the ultimate relaxation mineral, and your body plus brain requires certain amounts of magnesium to stay relaxed. Currently, over 3,000 medical references are citing the conditions caused by a magnesium deficiency. Some of which include stress and anxiety.

But take care when taking your magnesium oil. It’s easy to overdose and that comes with side effects. As such, it’s advisable to start slow and work your way up.



Here’s an interesting fact. Probiotics are living bacteria taken as supplements for better gut health. It sounds strange, buying and eating bacteria. However, not all bacteria cause diseases. And probiotics are one type of them.

In fact, your gut is full of bacteria. Some of it good, and some of it bad. The bad bacteria feed on carbohydrates and sugar which leads to cravings and weakened gut lining. On the other hand, probiotics thicken your gut lining, which in turn protects the bloodstream from inflammation and infections.

This makes probiotics a great remedy for autoimmune diseases.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C supplements are becoming more and more popular among health-conscious people, mostly because of their antioxidant properties. When taken in proper amounts, vitamin C can help maintain normal blood sugar levels and help kill germs.

This makes it an excellent anti-inflammatory, which is why it can reduce the symptoms of cold and flu particularly well. Since colds and touches of flu are often caused by viral or bacterial infections, taking vitamin C supplements can also help prevent illness in the first place.



Omega-3 fatty acids are integral to the way our bodies function and that’s what makes them such powerful anti-oxidants. Human beings require around 350mg of DHA and EPA daily for optimum brain function.

However, most people hardly get close to these figures through eating alone. And when taken in excess, omega-3 fatty acids over-activate several of our omega-6 fatty acids. This overproduction might lead to inflammation and weakened cellular functions that make you susceptible to a host of illnesses.

For safety, look for bottles labeled with EPA and DHA. Try to avoid processed supplements that contain ethyl esters.


B Vitamins

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin associated with several physiological functions. Taking supplements can help improve your overall health by acting as a functional food for the brain, leading to better concentration and an increase in cognitive performance.
Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people have the right amounts of vitamin B12 without taking supplements. Vegans seem to suffer the most considering the vitamin comes from animal foods. But that’s where supplements come in handy. As such, non-meat eaters should generally take a daily B vitamin supplements.


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