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5 At-Home Techniques to Burn Off Stubborn Fat

Enough fat in the right places gives your body a well balanced aesthetic look. However, problems arise when your curves and core start crashing.

The ideal body fat percentage for women lies in between 21-36% and 12-25% for men. If you believe your numbers are way above these figures, it might be time to start thinking about losing fat. Or just cut down a bit.

Do this not only for the aesthetic part but also for your health.


The Journey

There are different types of fat in your body. And unfortunately, some are harder to lose than others. When you are actively trying to lose fat, you might notice quick results on your legs, arms, and face. However, areas such as the hips, thighs, and the belly might need more to lose the fat.

But here’s the bad news. The hard to lose fat areas are the most worked on areas by people looking to lose weight. Everyone wants a smaller belly and leaner thighs but it needs a little more finesse. As such, here are the top 5 tips to burn off stubborn fat at home:


1. Do Away with Sugar

During your fat burning journey, sugar is your biggest enemy. Excess sugar is a major driver in weight gain, especially in the belly area.

Unfortunately, you might be taking in excess sugar without even realizing it. The normal human body can handle between 6-7 teaspoons of sugar without any significant health effects. However, most of the snacks we consume have higher percentages. Stay away from sweets, ice cream, carbonated drinks, and sugary beverages if you are serious about losing body fat.

If you must have sugar, eat it in its natural form like in fruits.


2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is key to burning off stubborn fat. In fact, the brain sometimes confuses thirst with hunger. So the next time you feel the urge to snack, try drinking a glass of water first, and see what happens.

Research also shows that drinking a glass of water before meals helps to suppress the appetite. You are likely to eat smaller and healthier food portions by doing this.

Try drinking at least two liters of water per day to flush out toxins and stay regularly hydrated.


3. Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber is incredibly important in your fat burning journey. Foods rich in fiber absorbs water and moves through the digestive system slowly. This simple action helps you to feel fuller for longer.

High-fiber foods protect against weight gain and fat accumulation. Legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits are examples of high-fiber foods that can boost your fat burning and body fat loss.


4. Substitute Fruits and Vegetables

Many people underestimate the importance of vegetables and fruits in our diet. Fruits such as apples and vegetables such as broccoli are low in calories but very high in fiber. And this is exactly what you need when trying to burn fat. Fruits help you to feel fuller for longer making you less likely to snack on junk food during the day.

Be sure to add more vegetables to your serving the next time you eat.


5. Boost Overall Activity 

When you consume more calories than you use, the fat tends up to build up in all the wrong places. After adjusting your diet and drinking water, exercise is the last step to losing that stubborn belly fat.

Doing enough exercise during the day ensures helps to burn calories while strengthening and tightening your muscles. In some cases, exercise even elevates the mood.

However, your exercise should go hand-in-hand with your weight loss goals. If you are lean walking regularly is enough. On the other hand, if you are looking to lose large amounts of body fat, cardio, HIIT exercises, and even weights might need to be included.


The Bottom Line

For many people, losing belly fat is a big step in health care. Incorporating these habits into your routine can make a big difference in fat burning. However, before making any drastic lifestyle changes, it is important to consult with a doctor.

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