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How to Keep the Spring Time Allergies at Bay

adult male suffering from spring time allergies

Spring is a wonderful time of the year, where the weather is beautiful and the days are getting longer. However, spring can also be a time filled with misery for those who suffer from springtime allergies that crop up once the calendar turns. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep the springtime allergies at bay and save a trip to see your direct primary care physician.

  • Stay indoors at the right times – The biggest cause of springtime allergies is the number of pollens that get released into the air each spring, as they can cause an allergic reaction when they are breathed in. The most likely times to catch these pollens are during the early mornings or on windy days, when the pollen counts are highest.
    When you do spend time outside, wear glasses or sunglasses as much as possible, which helps keep the pollen out of your eyes. After you come back inside, take preventative steps such as taking a shower, washing your hair, and changing your clothes. This helps keep the pollen out of your house and helps to keep you healthy.
  • Take allergy medicine – Allergy medicine can help take away sniffles and a runny nose, taking effect in less than an hour from the time they are taken. If the allergies are more severe, a nasal spray could help, though it may take a few days for that to fully kick in. If these methods do not help, talk to your concierge medical professionals in Frisco, Dallas, Carrollton, and now Fort Worth, who may even be able to recommend an allergy shot to help stave off your springtime allergy issues.
    The best time to start taking allergy medicine is roughly one week before the season begins. This will help the medicine get into your system before you need it, offering extra protection before the symptoms begin.
  • Seek our natural methods – While it is important to talk to your doctors at Diamond Physicians before you seek out too many natural treatments, they may be able to help. While scientific testing is still being done, there may be herbs that can help lessen the impact that your allergies have on you each spring.
  • Keep pollen out of your home – With some simple changes, you can help do your best to keep pollen out of the home, which will help keep the allergies away. One way is to shut the windows, using an air conditioner to keep your home cool.

It can also help to take your shoes off right when you get inside the house, and have your guests do the same. When you do clean your floors, look for a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particulate air filter, which can help trap the pollen particles from the air more effectively.

Spring should be a time of enjoyment and leisure! Don’t let allergies get in the way, but take these few steps to help keep them away so you can stay healthy and happy. If you do need help, contact Diamond Physicians, your concierge doctors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. We love helping our patients stay healthy to live their best lives.