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Diamond Physicians Dramatically Lowers Healthcare Costs

Dr. James Pinckney of Diamond Physicians was featured in a segment that aired on WFAA8 ABC in December 2014. The segment mentions how the Affordable Care Act is driving up the cost of premiums for many Americans. Some clients have turned to Diamond Physicians after signing up for Obamacare and experienced trouble seeing a doctor. Individuals who sign up with Diamond Physicians pay monthly fees, as low as $95, for personalized and high-quality care. They also benefited from discounted prices on X-rays, CR scans, and MRIs.

Many of Diamond Physicians’ clients retain health insurance plans in case of an emergency or catastrophic medical event. By eliminating the middle man—insurance companies—Diamond Physicians can provide effective medical attention. Concierge medicine is how medicine was practiced decades ago, when families had personal physicians and didn’t rely on health insurance.