Our employees’ safety & wellbeing is our No.1 Priority

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”  – Marie Curie.
Now is the time to take some joint efforts with more understanding.
So we can be safer together

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Test privately Certifiable keep work safe

Please make sure that you have viewed the test instruction video and a camera that can be pointed to a flat surface BEFORE your session.

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  • 1
    You will receive the Test Invitation and you can add them to your usual calendar. You can reschedule them. Make sure you have viewed the video, and have a camera that can be pointed to a flat surface.

  • 2
    Join the virtual video session and follow the instructions. Make sure that the test kit is within the nurse’s view throughout the whole duration of the session.

  • 3
    Log into your pre-downloaded DrLink App to view your test result available within 30 minutes of the test session. You can also view the history of your test results and corresponding suggestions if applicable.